Tick, Tock…Finding the 25th Hour in your day.

Programme objectives:

Following this  “Time Management/Priority Management” programme participants will have the knowledge, skills and techniques to:

  • Manage themselves effectively in time through the use of “SAFE” – Structure, Attitude, Focus and Energy,
  • Change habitual behaviour for improved Personal Effectiveness,
  • Understand why mindset in relation to time is far more important than any system,
  • Recognise and challenge personal obstacles to effective time management,
  • Use effective tools/exercises to manage “busyness”, become more organized, efficient and mindful,
  • Focus on priorities, delegate where appropriate, plan, manage interruptions, become a “completor”, structure daily, weekly, monthly tasks and leave work at work,

The programme will be built around:

  • How to gain a better understanding of time,
  • The importance of SAFE in effective management in time, (Structure, Attitude, Focus, Energy),
  • Why self management is central to effective management of time,
  • What is your time management mindset? How to reframe your thinking for enhanced performance and effectiveness.
  • How the thinking mind impacts on emotions, behaviour and attitude,
  • Time wasting, Managing interruptions, Prioritization, Scheduling and/or Procrastination ! How to take personal responsibility and fight for your time,
  • What motivates you? How our personality, the way we see ourselves and the way we perceive the outcome affects the way we motivate ourselves in time.
  • Are you focused on the right thing? How to spend more time on those tasks that really count (priorities) – and less on those that don’t,
  • How to communicate, establish expectations and set boundaries for effective delegation
  • How do you use time on a daily basis? – the importance of values, meaning and purpose, goals, planning, action and analysis,
  • How to find the balance between work and personal life – Leave work at work.
  • Techniques for the practical implementation of effective time management – Time matrix, Concentration curve, Daily shut down routine, Action lists, 80/20 rule., etc.
  • How to set goals to maximize the effective use of time and remove the barriers to “limitless potential” – beliefs, habits, fear, etc,

This session may be run as a full or half day programme for groups and individuals. As all of our programmes are tailormade to meet the specific requirements of the groups we work with, please contact Jerry at 012360406, 0868287497, [email protected] , for a proposal for your organisation.