Dancing with “Change”

Dancing with Change – Returning to the office!

Purpose: For some people this period of uninvited change has proven insightful, character building and rewarding while for many others it has been disruptive, stressful and unsettling. As many people now face the prospect of returning to work, transition and adaption bring with it its own set of challenges. This session will look at:

  • The roles of habit and fear in “letting go” and embrace the prospect of returning to the office,
  • How to reframe your view of things, step out of your “new found” comfort zone and practice realistic optimism,
  • How to take back control and restore a sense of balance and perspective,
  • Seize opportunity and explore the potential offered in change,
  • How to develop a “flexibility” mindset and manage the key driver of anxiety – unhelpful thoughts,
  • Set goals and targets to chart a way forward.
  • How to manage the transition and adaption stages of change,
  • Build resilience to change, motivation and personal responsibility,
  • Manage the stress, anxiety and unwanted pressure of change,

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