Dancing with “Change”


Following the programme participants will have the knowledge, skills and techniques to:9th Feb 090327

  • Look at change as an exciting challenge rather than as an insurmountable obstacle,
  • Seize opportunity and explore the potential offered in change,
  • Look at the big picture, take back control and restore a sense of balance and perspective,
  • Develop a “flexibility” mindset,
  • Manage the key driver of anxiety – unhelpful thoughts,
  • Become more confident, positive and solution focused,
  • Move outside of the comfort zone and embrace realistic optimism,
  • Set goals and targets to chart a way forward.
  • Address the transition stages,
  • Build resilience to change, motivation and personal responsibility,
  • Deal effectively with times of uncertainty, rumour and speculation,
  • Manage the stress, anxiety and unwanted pressure of change,
  • Embrace change, take back control, put challenges in perspective and turn difficulties into opportunities,

This session may be run as a full or half day programme for groups or individuals. As all of our programmes are tailormade to meet the specific requirements of the groups we work with, please contact Jerry at 012360406, 0868287497, [email protected] , for a full programme outline for your organisation.