Building Personal Confidence

Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. —Lao Tzu

The programme will address:

  • What is self confidence and why it “leaves”us,
  • The key saboteurs – Expectations, Rigidity, Irrational analysis of ability, Fear,
  • Different beliefs – Global, Task specific,
  • Where does confidence come from?
  • The role of the “noisy mind” and to reframe your thinking,
  • How to move out of the “comfort zone” and become an “I can do” person,
  • The role of Realistic Optimism and the “Casting Vote” in removing barriers to confidence,
  • Why “Positive Action” directly impacts on self confidence,
  • The role of Personality in building confidence,
  • How to become solution rather than problem focused,
  • How to avoid the “Angle of Misery” and undo unhelpful habits,
  • Why we need a compelling reason to put in the effort to change behaviour,
  • How to maximise your performance through a change in attitude,
  • How to goal set and make decisions,

This session may be run as a full or half day programme. As all of our programmes are tailormade to meet the specific requirements of the groups we work with, please contact Jerry at 012360406, 0868287497, [email protected] , for a full programme outline for your organisation.