Enhancing your Administrative Skills

Programme objectives:

Following our “Administrative Skills“ programme, participants will have the knowledge, skills and techniques to:

  • Develop and apply strategies/techniques to help them become more effective administrators,
  • Focus on priorities, delegate where appropriate, plan, become a “completor” and leave work at work,
  • Communicate effectively with others,
  • Recognise and challenge obstacles to effective time management,
  • Motivate themselves and others,
  • Goal set based on priorities and key objectives.

The programme will be built around:

  • What’s your job? Role, Aims and Objectives,
  • What are your key strengths and how to build on them?
  • How to set goals to maximize the effective use of time and remove the barriers to “doing a good job”,
  • How we see the situation determines our response- (opportunity/threat) and impacts on our emotions, behaviour and attitude,
  • Time management mindset. How to reframe your thinking for enhanced performance and effectiveness.
  • The importance of SAFE in effective management in time, (Structure, Attitude, Focus, Energy),
  • How to manage challenging behaviour and deal with difficult people and situations,
  • How to deal with workplace stress/pressure,
  • How to motivate, become solution focused, make decisions and manage procrastination,
  • The 7 steps for effective delegation,
  • How to communicate effectively, build relationships and give appropriate feedback,
  • How to use mindfulness to regain focus and direction in difficult times,

This session may be run as a full or half day programme for groups or individuals. As all of our programmes are tailormade to meet the specific requirements of the groups we work with, please contact Jerry at 012360406, 0868287497, [email protected] , for a full programme outline for your organisation.