Mindfulness for Schools – Teachers and Students

The programme will address how to:

  • Bring awareness and attention to what is happening here and now,
  • Develop a sense of control and stability in the hustle and bustle of a busy school day,
  • Break free from unhelpful habits and overcome obstacles to change,
  • Pay attention with intention to achieve successful outcomes in assignments, exams and extracurricular activities,
  • Practice mindfulness and integrate into everyday life at school,
  • Develop a mindful approach to dealing with unwanted pressure and increase the ability to relax and experience calm no matter where you are,
  • Increase your energy, manage your time more effectively, improve your communication skills and build healthy relationships
  • Practice mindfulness – tools/exercises,

Who is it for? Bespoke sessions can be provided to meet the requirements of the school and the participants (teachers, students and parents).

Duration: This is flexible and is based on a schools timetable, resources and individual requirements. Options include: half day/evening workshops, 2 hour/1 hour talks. For further details on how this would work for your school, contact Jerry: 01 2360406, 0868287497, [email protected] , www.firsthrd.ie,