Online Coaching – “Get out of your way”!

From Los Angeles to Singapore, Abu Dhabi to Dublin, “Inside Out” Coaching via Skype!

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get that back up and support you need to meet life’s challenges is through “Inside Out” coaching online. Based on sound principals of cognitive therapy and developmental psychology, “Inside Out” coaching has helped people all over the world get back on track and chart a way forward. 

Ask yourself:

  • What is the thing you’d need to get better at, in order to live the life you want?
  • If you could remove a major barrier in your life, what would it be?
  • Where is your focus right now?


  • Easy to set up,
  • No travel involved,
  • Time efficient for busy people,
  • Connect from the comfort of your own home or office,

How does it work,

Easy! Send an email [email protected] or give Jerry a call 00353 12360406, 00353 868287497 and we can arrange a time that suits to link up. We can work online (Zoom, Teams, Webex) or in person.

How many sessions do I have to take,

“Just one”(approx 90 mins). There is no problem in having further sessions if you feel you need them.

What will “Inside Out” coaching do for me?

  • Assist you in overcoming deep rooted behaviours that impact on performance and success,
  • Help address the challenges you face and chart a way forward,
  • Deal with stress, unwanted pressure, lack of direction and motivation,
  • Put in place sustained behavioural changes,
  • Embrace change as an opportunity and not a threat,

“Inside out” coaching philosophy. The “Inside Out” focus is on empowerment of the individual to respond effectively to the challenges presented to them in both their Personal and Professional lives. How we are and how we behave is determined by how we think about ourselves, the people that we work with and the problems we have to tackle and overcome.

The “Inside Out” approach is built around a number of key principals:

  • The results we get are a consequence of what we do and that what we do is in no small way a result of the way we see the world.
  • Travelling mindlessly causes confusion,
  • What we attend to creates our reality,
  • Everything changes – the goalposts are constantly shifting,
  • Habits we become,
  • We get the behaviour we tolerate,
  • Happiness comes before success, not after,
  • Willpower weakens the more we use it,
  • Stress is like beauty – it is in the mind of the beholder.
  • Focusing on what can be done now is the key to overcoming any difficult problem.
  • The meaning we attach to what presents to us in our lives determines how we feel and behave,
  • The process is more important than the result,
  • A “people first, task second” approach to people management, is the key,
  • We have the casting vote when it comes to stress – in how we respond,
  • It’s in the doing comes the knowing,
  • We have limitless potential,
  • Attention is efficiency and efficiency is attention,
  • Doing routine tasks in a non routine way promotes mindfulness,
  • The noise in our mind interferes with effective thinking!
  • When imagination and will are in conflict, imagination will prevail.
  • Focus on the solution and not the problem.
  • If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?
  • Improved performance requires direction, commitment and desire to achieve,
  • Real motivation is doing a good job because you want to do a good job,
  • The energy of negative emotions is not replaced, leading to exhaustion,
  • A change in attitude changes everything else. What we put in, we get out,
  • It is not the event but our view of the event that causes us the problem.
  • The ability to respond is ours – Responsibility.
  • Mindless activity has us doing same thing over and over expecting different results.