The Mindful Leader


After this programme participants will have addressed the following issues:

  • What it takes to be a mindful leader,
  • An awareness of Vision, Example, Structure, Empowerment, Consistency and Fairness in effective leadership,
  • Understanding personal emotions and the emotions of others,
  • Using mindful self awareness to implement best practice, personal and group motivation,
  • The unconscious bias and how it affects leadership outcomes,


This course will be built around the following elements:

  • Why Mindfulness and Leadership go hand in hand,
  • Different styles of people management – Directing, Coaching, Supporting, Delegating, how, where and with whom to apply them,
  • Emotional Intelligence and Personal Responsibility in leadership,
  • Recognising and stepping above your unconscious bias, automatic negative thoughts and core beliefs in the role of leader,
  • Where does are Autonomy, Mastery, Meaning and Purpose, Connectedness come in motivation?
  • How to communicate effectively, and why “boxing” people and situations affects the outcomes we get,
  • How to become a solution focused, proactive and an “I can do” person,
  • The importance of stress and emotional management, nonverbal communication, humour and conflict resolution in effective leadership,
  • How to prioritise, make effective decisions, address procrastination, manage time and delegate as a mindful leader,
  • How to use mindfulness to increase energy, attention and effectiveness,