Employee Wellbeing Programme,

Our Employee Wellbeing Programme consists of 4 modules:

  • Personal Effectiveness,
  • Healthy mind,
  • Work Life Balance,
  • Mindful Management and Unconscious Bias,

Each module may be delivered on a stand alone basis or combined with other modules. You may choose any combination of modules and content. Modules may be delivered on a full or half day basis.

Each Wellbeing programme is bespoke and designed to meet your specific requirements.

  1.  Personal Effectiveness,

This session will address: Stress management, Resilience, Stepping outside the Comfort Zone, Self confidence,

Content will include how to:

  • Recognise and cope with stress and unwanted pressure,
  • “Switch on, not off” and deal effectively with worry, anxiety and fear,
  • Build resilience and bounceback,
  • Implement a flexible approach to living and avoid the pitfalls of rigidity,
  • Step out of your comfort zone and dance with change!
  • Think outside the box and invest in your “core self”,
  • Become a solution focused “I can do” person and avoid the “angle of misery”,
  • Practice mindfulness – exercises and examples,

  1.  Healthy Mind,

This session will address: The “noisy mind”, Positive thinking, Attention, Focus, Reframing, Changing behaviour, The results we get, Perception and Mindset, 

Content will include how to:

  • Connect with and manage the “noisy mind”,
  • Become aware of the subconscious mind and how it creates our reality,
  • Use positive thinking for positive results. Reframe and get your thoughts working for you,
  • Build attention and increase awareness,
  • Sharpen your focus and meaning for better results,
  • Change behaviour and take positive action,
  • Develop an opportunity mindset and a gratitude attitude,
  • Practice mindfulness – exercises and examples,

  1.  Work life Balance,

This session will address: Work/Life Balance, Boundaries, Unhelpful habits and behaviours, Fitness, Goal setting,

Content will include how to:

  • STOP and take a reality check on the journey so far!
  • Recognise the “facts of life” and embrace a life of imbalance,
  • Set personal and worklife boundaries,
  • Build healthy habits and remove unhelpful behaviour,
  • Get fit for action – sleep, nutrition, exercise, relaxation,
  • Invest in the givers and remove the takers,
  • Identify and embrace other contributors to wellbeing – family, community, learning, financial planning, etc,
  • Set personal and work related goals and targets,
  • Practice mindfulness – exercises and examples,

  1.  Mindful Management and Unconscious Bias,

This session will address: Emotional Intelligence, Unconscious Bias,  Attitude, Assertiveness, Motivation, Time/priority management, Mindfulness,

Content will include how to:

  • Build Emotional Intelligence – Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy and, Social skills,
  • Identify the impact of automatic negative thoughts and negative core beliefs in emotional response,
  • What is unconscious bias and how bias influences our behaviour.
  • Practical steps to address unconscious bias both at work and in your personal life,
  • Reframe your thought process for improved emotional interactions,
  • Improve your attitude – a key player in overall wellbeing and the results you get,
  • Become more assertive, get your point across and deal appropriately with difficult people,
  • Put in place tools and techniques for effective time/priority management and to avoid procrastination,
  • Motivate yourself to make the changes you need to make,
  • Practice Mindfulness and use it as part of your daily life,