“Bouncebackability” – Building your Resilience.

Following this programme participants will have the knowledge, skills and techniques to:

• Address the key behaviours of “resiliency”,
• Recognise the symptoms, source and causes of unwanted pressure and stress,
• Understand the barriers to behavioural change,
• Manage the key driver of stress – “the noisy mind”,
• Put in place effective coping and management strategies for “robustness”,
• Become solution rather than problem focused,
• Use mindfulness to enhance personal focus and “bounce back”,

Programme will be built around:
• What resilience means, where it comes from and how to “bounce back”,
• Become aware of the “noisy mind” and how it impacts on how we feel and behave,
• How to re-frame the meaning you apply to issues and events, get your thoughts working for you and stop self defeating behaviours,
• The role of perspective, control and attitude in building resilience,
• Key behaviours of resilient people,
• How to become a realistic optimist and shun pessimism/reckless optimism,
• How to develop a solution focus and avoid opening the “Angle of misery”,
• Overcome the challenge of moving outside the comfort zone and deal effectively with change,
• Find life balance between internal and external motivation factors,
• How to recognise, cope and effectively manage personal reactions and emotions, such as anxiety and stress.
• How to use mindfulness to build personal resilience,
• Establishing what works and aligning it to your priorities.